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Growing at the Edge: The New Corporate Structures for Innovation and the Challenge of Governance Workshop




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o Explore four new models for innovation and their challenges
o Generate breakthrough insights from the four cases
o Apply the groups' analysis to our cases
o Seed a community that will continue work after the workshop



8:00 Meet Your Colleagues Over Continental Breakfast

8:30 Workshop Overview

David Sibbetopens the workshop and reviews the outcome, agenda, and rules of engagement. The intent will be to explore how organizations can leapfrog from old to new forms that will sustain innovation, uncover the principles and relationships required, and avoid a narrow, "good/bad" frame of reference.

Jan Hauser, Principal Architect, Sun Microsystems, who is the catalyst for holding the workshop, provides his perspectives on the importance and challenges of inventing new organizational forms.

8:45 Emerging Structures for Sustained Innovation: Issues and Obstacles

Mary O'Hara-Devereauxand Tim Orenprovide a loose framework of the issues to support the day's work. They present some of the various models that are works in progress, share some of the key obstacles to the models' evolution, and raise some questions to explore during the day.

9:05 Four Cases of New Organization Models

Four storytellers present their efforts and perspectives on inventing new models. David Sibbetwill create a graphic storyboard of the four cases as they are told.

The definition of term "Chaords" and it's genesis in Dee Hock's creation of VISA International is reviewed briefly.

Chaords: Reflections from Linux and the Internet.

Daniel Quinlan, Member of Technical Stuff, Transmeta, discusses the history of Linux and its effect on the Internet.

Jeff Rulifson, Director of Networking and Security Center, Sun Microsystems, reflects on the development of the Internet and muses about the future.

Facilitated group interaction.

10:15 Break

10:30 - Cases Continued

New Models: Works in Progress

Richard Gabriel, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems, discusses Sun's Jini and shares the hopes and challenges of discovering new models to support innovation around Jini.

Kit Needham, Senior Director, Banking Industry Technology Secretariat (BITS), discusses a process that moved competitors to collaborate on some global banking standards from BITS.

Facilitated group interaction.

11:15 Group Work

Everyone joins a small group to address some of the key issues and obstacles that need to be resolved to move new ideas about innovative structures to reality. The overarching goal of the small groups, and ultimately the whole day, is to generate some new organizational structures, principles, and practices that allow collaboration and innovation across traditional boundaries. We start with the assumption that the old organizational models are simply not very good "containers" for today's intellectual property, brands, finances, capital, and so forth. Each group is provided with a one-page description to give a context for the work, a wall to work on, and the challenge to come up with some breakthrough thinking. Each group is asked to provide some new metaphors that enable thinking about new organizational models.

12:00 Working Lunch

Each group gets some lunch and continues to work at their leisure.

1:00 Presentations and Discussion

Each of the paired groups has about 30 minutes. They present for 15 minutes followed by a large group discussion that adds value to what they have done. The discussions will be strongly facilitated and we will be pushing for innovation.

3:00 Break

3:15 Key Learnings

Discuss some key questions: What are overarching principles and key elements for new governance? How do you reward market and intellectual contribution? What are the real breakthrough ideas? Where are the big obstacles and how do you diminish them? We cut across the models from the small-group work and harvest higher-level learnings.

The morning case study storytellers return and apply the groups' work and learnings to four real business cases.

4:20 Final Thoughts and Wrap Up

After the workshop, IFTF will create a summary of the work and put it on our Web site. Everyone is invited to continue the work begun at the workshop. The Web site will be available to support ongoing dialogue and exploration of the issue. IFTF's Outlook Project will continue to research this area over the next few months and will publish a report on the work.

There will be another opportunity for a face-to-face community meeting at the next Outlook Exchange on October 30th in San Diego.

4:30 End of the Workshop